6 Nov 2009

Vatican Radio: Too much alarm

Maybe there aren't new tidings, maybe the pandemic has become boring, but today the flu issue hasn't been the first one in the newscasts. The death toll is still rising, up to 25 fatal cases in yesterday's official report. Vatican Radio has blamed on media for what happened in Italy. “There has been too much alarm for the flu. And this is good only for pharmaceutical firms that produce the vaccine” said the radio channel One-Five Live. “Look at the alarmed way used by media to tell the story of people killed by AH1N1, without mentioning that almost all were patients affected by other illness” it said “scared people asked to be protected and governments, under pressure, buy great bulk of vaccine”. Actually, the newspapers have been reporting obsessively that the victims were all in the high risk group. And the vaccination campaign is targeting, after the health care workers, this group of people. Unfortunately, it looks like the vaccination was too late for some of them. The speaker of the radio seems to think that these deaths were't caused by the flu virus, but by other causes. The two doctors try to explain that this virus can be dangerous for people at risk and that the vaccine is really useful.

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