10 Jan 2010

Bad surprise

Today, for the first time after many weeks, some on-line news media have published the story of another swine flu victim, a 32-years-old woman who died in Pisa (Tuscany). She was admitted in the local hospital on December 23, after been hit by the H1N1 virus. The Ansa press agency report also the deaths of other 3 people since the start of the year: a 59-years-old man in Perugia (Umbria), a 56-years-old woman in Brindisi (Puglia) and a 76 years-old man in Ancona (Marche). The death toll has been updated to 204 deaths. The Corriere della Sera looks a bit surprised by the piece of news, writing “The A flu starts to kill again.” In the media the swine flu has been first promoted to the role of the century's pandemic, and then it has been relegated to the role of a common cold, so now the situation is confused, even though the deaths have trickled quite continuously.

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