15 Jan 2010

Situation Update: Week 1

Yesterday the website of La Repubblica said that the “second wave” of the swine flu epidemic could be looming, because in the last week the flu cases increased from 75,00 to 78,000 (data of the Ministry of Health). The national incidence has slightly increased from 1.23 to 1.30‰. But it isn't clear if the involved virus is still the H1N1 virus or the seasonal one. There are also some people in the hospitals and the death toll has risen to 210. According to the Ministry, the 73% of the deaths are people below 65 years of age. This is one of the unusual, quite disturbing, character of the swine flu, even though it has gone unnoticed by the news media (in the table the deaths in terms of age and region). In the 2006 only the 7% of the flu victims were under 65 years old (Istat data, an unorthodox comparison).

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