9 Jan 2010

Too many doses

Yesterday the ANSA press agency, by l'Unità newspaper, covered a story about the mistrust of the flu vaccine. According to the poll conducted by Key-Stone, the 97% of Italians refuse to get the vaccine against the swine flu. The 25% refuse all kinds of vaccines, the 24 only the swine flu vaccine, while the 21% were advised by their doctors to not get the shot. More then half of the interviewed (59%) said that they have changed their hygienic habits, usually (in 80% of the cases) buying a disinfectant for the hands.
The vaccination campaign is now very slow. The Ministry of Health said that 821,000 people have been vaccinated, including the 15% of all the health care workers (159,093 people). The available vaccine doses are 10,047,421. The Ministry has also announced that it won't sell the vaccine stock to other countries.

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